Don't Know

I try to come up with a title for each image I post to this blog - for some reason this photo stirs  strong emotion in me and any title I came up with did not seem to be authentic. Like most of my photos, this image started life in color. I liked it in color and posted it on Facebook. But, I though it would also work well in black-and-white. The photo was taken in mid-afternoon near Chùa Thầy (Thầy Pagoda). The pagoda is near Hanoi so I made the assumption that the man in uniform had been in the North Vietnamese regular Army during the American war. I find my mind does not require much information to create a story.  I passed by him after I took the photo, but  I don't remember making eye contact with him - I wish I had. It's interesting how somebody you never met becomes part of your experience – part of you.