Article 25

Many of my photos come from my archives. This one does not - it was taken this morning outside the church where Article 25, a newspaper sold on the streets of Cincinnati, is distributed to vendors.  Andre Flanagan (on bike) is talking with Greg Flannery before heading out to sell papers. Greg is the editor of Article 25. 


You can read the story of a veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the current edition of Article 25 at

"Article 25 is a street newspaper based in Cincinnati; street papers are non-profit, grassroots newspapers with a distribution model specifically designed  to offer a creative solution to those suffering from unemployment, homelessness, or poverty. Distributors, who are financially struggling, homeless, or formerly homeless individuals or families, go through training and become certified distributors of a street paper. At Article 25, distributors buy the paper at 25 cents per copy – covering productions costs – and then sell the paper for a dollar on the streets and throughout the community of Cincinnati. The 75 cent profit serves as a supplemental income to help people get themselves back on their feet." From Article 25's web site.